7:45am wake up, eat breakfast, get dressed, pack my bag [don’t forget the tickets!]

8:45am put on my shoes and walk to Wende MRT station

8:55am catch the MRT heading to Taipei Zoo, switch to Bannan line at Zhongxiao Fuxing, switch to yellow line at Zhongxiao Xinsheng

9:25am arrive at Zhongshan Elementary School station and meet up with Stephanie

9:40am still waiting for other members to arrive, begin calling their phones, no answers

9:45am rush up the stairs and hail a taxi to take us to Xinsheng Park Area

9:50am 70 yuan later, look at the park map, walk to Pavilion of Dreams, take some pictures, finally hear back from Kevin

10:00am tell Kevin to hurry up, wait in line

10:10am start being let into the Pavilion, tell Kevin to run, last ones let in

11:10am leave the Pavilion of Dreams, buy drinks from faulty vending machines, wait in line for Theatre of Dreams, fill out survey and get a free pencil/eraser/thing

11:30am head for the whales

11:45am leave the park and look for lunch

11:55am eat lunch

1:30pm-ish head towards MRT station heading for Ximen

2:30pm-ish arrive in Ximen, look for bubble tea, get lost, meet up with Angel

4:30pm-ish go home

5:10pm arrive in Neihu, walk around, buy milk tea from 7-11, head home

6:00pm make dinner of leftovers cooked with rice for impromptu fried rice

7:00pm watch television

9:00pm call home, call home, call home

10:40pm take a shower

11:00pm kill ants, clean table, kill more ants

11:30pm bed


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