So What

What is the point of having an internship in Taiwan if I’m not respected for it? If the people I am supposed to be working with or under do not help me? I don’t know.

I am currently sitting at the International Medical Office of Shuang Ho Hospital and everyone is in a meeting. Next week the hospital is going to be under the scrutiny of JCI, the hospital’s best and worst nightmare mixed into a week long visit. They can make the hospital great, or just decide it’s not good enough. Personally, after my tour around the hospital, I think it’s pretty good. The staff of this PR office though? I’m not too sure. I understand they’re busy, but I came in today and the lady who is my acting boss while I’m at this hospital didn’t even say Good Morning to me. Nada. Nothing. I have work to do, like interviewing people from the Disabled Patient Oral Health Care Center because I’m writing an article on it for our Research Issue at TMU Outwards. However, I can’t. I asked the secretary to call the people and see if I could get an interview. They, first off, didn’t understand why I wanted an interview. And second, they weren’t sure when they could do it. The secretary told me she’d find out from them and tell me.

The past week that I’ve been coming here on Tuesdays and Thursdays has been me, sitting in this office, trying to get some cooperation from these people, but nothing has happened. I’m working on a brochure for the hospital and they gave me some information. Great. The boss wants to go over the information with me before I put it in the brochure. Great. When? When she’s free, aka never.

So here I am, trapped here until I take the 3:20pm shuttle bus back to TMU. At least it’s almost lunch time.


2 Responses to “So What”

  1. 1 sirosoup July 17, 2012 at 12:12 pm

    Hey there, it’s Ann! I’m pretty sure you speak for the majority of the TTT interns (including me). As you said, I often feel like the interns aren’t respected and are regarded more as a burden than a real member of the team. With this kind of attitude, I don’t see very many people wanting to come back here to work in the future -_-

    But you know, I’ve kind of developed this mind set where I’m like, “Screw it, it’s my time, my internship, so I’m going to make the most of it.” When I have nothing to do, I just spend my time researching what I’m really interested about. Otherwise I’m just sitting here…rotting my brains away haha.

    • 2 pkmunches July 17, 2012 at 2:31 pm

      Hey Ann! Nice to know you blog too! And I totally agree. I spend my time finishing my work and when there’s nothing else to do I’m either writing or on facebook. I guess I should start spending my time researching jobs and stuff for next year after I graduate. That would be super productive. =)

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