Punching in a Dream

The ants!!

I realize I’ve been writing about ants a lot recently but they seriously are everywhere. They’ve almost invaded one whole side of my room. My aunt finally bought some ant killer thingy yesterday and we placed them around my room. The way it works is that it acts as food for the ants. The ants are supposed to take it and bring it back to their nest and then they eat it and die. Yum. Not sure if it’s working yet, since it’s been out for less than 24 hours, but I did notice some ants walking around the little orange circular cases. I hope it works!

Yesterday I forgot to post but my day was eventful enough to I don’t know if that exempts me from posting. I woke up super early, as early as I would have if I had to go to work. Then I made my way to Taipei Zoo and waited for my companions to show up. Then we met up with Linda [apparently a really famous activist in Taiwan back in the day. She now works as a professor at TMU]. We rode the Maokong Gondola [gonDOEla as she pronounces it] to Zhinan Temple [meaning ‘pointing south’] and walked around the temple. Then we took a bus back towards the zoo, ate Malaysian curry for lunch, and took a taxi to a small little mountain path. When I say small, this is legit small. It isn’t advertised as a big hiking trail. Only local people and those in the know know of it. Half the course is made of sandbags and large rocks placed precariously on the edge of a mountain and as you climb you hope to god that it will hold your weight, that your foot won’t slip, and that you can make it to the top. At the end of the trail is a waterfall falling from high above [not sure of the height, but imagine two 18-wheelers standing up nose to nose]. It pounds straight down into a small pool just shallow enough to cover up to your shins. Small fish swim around. We even saw a crab! On the side is a small shack made of three walls and a door. And possibly a roof. [I didn’t go inside.] There’s a small pavilion with a large table, a smaller table, and chairs. Everything is covered in a fine mist from the waterfall.

When we arrived there was already a man in his swim trunk walking around in the water. His companion, the man who walked behind us on the trail, later went out into the water, climbed up the makeshift ladder, and stood push-up position under the waterfall, letting the water massage his back. He also sat underneath it, the water pushing his outstretched arms down onto his knees. Incredible.

After the waterfall hike we returned to the university area and I met up with a co-worker to discuss our presentation title, attempted to work on an abstract, then chilled until it was time to meet her group for dinner. We went to a place called Pregame. It is a restaurant with American style food because the owners/founders went to California [not America] and really enjoyed the culture. I say California because they have a replica In-and-out burger. We, on the east coast, do not have this supposedly delicious dish. I will try it eventually.

Today has been another exciting day in front of the computer screen. I translated another article from Chinese into English and after lunch began learning how to edit things on Wikipedia. I already fixed the summary of TMU’s wiki page but the rest of it will need to wait. Why am I working on code when I suck at it?

My cousin, who has been living in California, is coming home tomorrow night.


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