I have just experienced my first typhoon [that I can remember] in Taiwan, and it was actually two back-to-back typhoons. The winds were incredibly strong and the rain came down very hard and was almost horizontal in the strong winds. Taipei area issued a “no work” day for Thursday in preparation for the second typhoon that was going to hit. However, the day ended up being very calm, with only misty rain during the day. In the evening though, the wind picked up and the rain started coming down. This morning when I walked to work there were piles of leaves and branches all over the ground. No flooding. No trees on cars. That was it for the typhoon. I consider Taipei area very lucky, considering the amount of damage that occurred on the east coast.

When I arrived in Taiwan a month ago people were already preparing for the typhoon season. Workers were cutting down tree tops to prevent the branches from falling in the case of a strong typhoon. It makes the trees look hideous, but now I understand the importance of such an act. In Taiwan, people take typhoons seriously.


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