10 Things on my Mind About My Senior Year [in no particular order]

1. What am I going to do after I graduate? – Right now I’m planning on doing something similar to Teach for America or a teaching fellowship. I’ve learned a bit more about them since the spring and I’m thinking I’ll do one of those programs that gives scholarships so you can go to graduate school. Then I’ll be able to work at go to school at the same time [kind of what I’m doing now, but more full-time work]. I’m thinking that if I walk down this path I’ll probably go for a Master’s in English Education. I don’t trust my skills in Chinese enough to teach it at a school all the time, every day for a year. But I’ll still continue teaching at Chinese School on Saturday.

2. Classes and Graduating on Time – So, a week before school started I found out one of my classes was canceled. What to do? I needed this class [still need it] to graduate for my minor in linguistics. I’ve emailed and have heard back that the undergraduate director of the program is looking into the matter. I think I found out what happened. There may have been two sections, or just one, but the only available one now coincides with the time I’m taking my Advanced Creative Writing Workshop, so there’s no way I can take it. Unfortunately, Rutgers does not work like Hogwarts. To rectify this, I was thinking I’d take the other class that I need for my minor this semester, except there are no other classes I can take. Or none that are interesting to me. I should probably speak to the undergraduate director about this, but I don’t even know who it is this semester.

3. This blogging business – I know I’ve decided to do the Don’t Break the Chain thing this year but I’m wondering if I’ll actually be able to do it. I copied Charlieissocoollike [I forget his full name] and made a calendar to help me out. I’m not sure if he took it from the TV show that he took it from. Hopefully the calendar will help me stay on track but I’m quite forgetful sometimes, especially when it comes to this blog.

4. My senior thesis – I’ve applied and am doing a senior thesis this year but I feel so uninformed about it since I missed the information session while I was abroad. I should probably go get extra information but there is a class this Friday and every Friday throughout the semester so maybe there will be more information there.

5. Relationships – I’ve kind of broken up with my boyfriend because of a few things. He works full time and rarely has time to see me. I’m in my last year of college and will be busy and at school all the time, not to mention busy on the weekends. We won’t really have much time to spend together, which would be sad and bothersome for the both of us. It was his idea at first, to split, or do this kind of experimental split. At first I was afraid of the idea, wondering if it was the right direction to go in, but after warming up to the idea and having the entire summer to think about it, I think it is the right thing to do. I want to be able to make new friends. College is a time to make friends and frankly, I haven’t made that many friends so far. I’ve been wrapped up in relationship after relationship and I think it is time that I just leave that part of my life alone and just focus on meeting new people and making new friends, kind of like what I’ve been doing abroad.

6. Work – My parents don’t agree with me working at Rutgers Club. They think that since it’s my last year I should be branching out and finding more legitimate jobs. I agree with them but I also am afraid of not finding anything. Being an English major and finding a job is kind of difficult.

7. Publication and writing – I haven’t been writing a lot and I hate that I haven’t. This year, finally, I want to work on more pieces, polish them, and send them in to magazines or other publications. I want to see my work published. I want to get rejections. And I want to do it with legitimate organizations, not silly organizations that publish everything they’re given and then they say that you’re one of the few that they selected. I mean, it was nice seeing my name in that book back in middle school, but how many people actually saw that book? Actually read it? I’m thinking very few. Being published means getting your work out there and letting people read what you have to offer to the writing community.

8. Running out of things to write about – Kind of similar to how I’m running out of things to put on this list, I’m afraid that by posting every day I will run out of things to write about. Sure, I can vary what I write. Put up some creative work one day, then an opinionated article the next day about some controversial issue or something. I can also write about the Presidential election!

9. Who should I vote for? – I’ve never been that big into politics but since I registered to vote when I turned 18, I think it is my duty as a citizen to vote for a president. However, I do not know much about the different stances and actions each presidential candidate has. Therefore I need to look up and understand each before I vote. I don’t want to be one of those people who just picks a person, not knowing who it is. Even if it’s basic knowledge, I want to know a little bit about who I pick.

10. Finishing this list – Well what do you know, I actually managed to finish this, kind of. I put 10 since it seemed like a reasonable number and yea, I didn’t know if I’d actually be able to do it. I thought of this idea, the list thing, a couple nights ago when I was sleeping. Does that happen to anyone else? I get ideas right as I’m waiting to fall asleep [because that’s what it is, a waiting game] and then I’ll think “Oh what a good idea” but choose not to write it down because I’m lazy or because I think I’ll remember. Well, usually I forget, or I remember the idea but only half of it.


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