Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

I’m finally settling down back into my Rutgers life. I’ve gone to classes. Tonight was my first night back at Rutgers Club and it happened to be a student night [well, okay that part was kind of planned and I knew it was going to happen]. Just like old times! And after work I attended a meeting for Plangere tutoring, so I’m back to last fall again, where I worked a bunch and had no social life! How fun. Now all that will set things back to how it used to be will be Saturday morning Chinese School and then after Chinese School is lunch with my parents. Yum.

However, though it’s all nice and fine and dandy that everything seems to be going back to normal, I noticed that some things are different. I still find it a bit strange to hear American accents everywhere I go. I guess because I spent the better part of this year telling myself not to be surprised with other accents and kind of accepting and looking forward to not being in a place with American accents that now I’ve returned to America my mind can’t seem to let go of the concept. It doesn’t strike me as odd when I talk to people I know. But it does strike me as strange when I walk down College Ave and hear girls talking in their cliquey American accents. Weird, isn’t it?

Day 3 of my little Don’t Break the Chain. I actually am really tired right now, having finally returned home after quite a long time away. My computer wasn’t on and I just wanted to go to bed but then I remembered that I hadn’t posted yet and I didn’t want to break the chain so early on into the game so I turned on my computer [my “m” button is kind of stuck so it’s kind of annoying to type words with m’s in them]. So proud of myself.

Thanks to anyone who reads this. I really appreciate it. It may say 600 some odd followers on the side bar but that’s a big fat lie. Ever since I decided to sink/sync [haha took me awhile to figure out that spelling] wordpress with Facebook it has given a false impression that all of the people I’m friends with on Facebook are my loyal blog followers. There’s really on 12 or so blog followers and I don’t even know how many of those actually read what I write here. So if you are reading this, thank you. I appreciate you.

Good night, now, world. Tomorrow I must finish homework assignments for middle school children and begin work for my thesis and enjoy my first legal frat party. Until tomorrow.


So I just realized that since I returned from Taiwan my WordPress timesetting has still been set to Taiwan. However, it is all fixed now!!


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