I’m such a procrastinator. I’ve spent all day reading books and not wanting to go outside and do more important things like getting my courses sorted out. Does that make me lazy rather than a procrastinator?

Actually, “pro” is in the word “procrastinate”. I don’t know if it’s the root word, it probably isn’t, but it kind of gives the sense that procrastinating is a good thing. I’m leaving for later what I don’t want to and what I don’t have to do now. Haha.

Although I definitely cannot procrastinate going to work. I have to leave in 50 minutes. I’m going back to hostessing and I’m actually a little nervous. It’s been 8 months since I’ve hostessed at the Club and I’m afraid I’ll screw up or not remember anything. My fears are unfounded though, because I remembered most of the stuff when I went to work on Thursday. A little slow at times, but I haven’t forgotten much. Perhaps it was the fast thrilled pace that made everything kind of happen in a blur. Muscle memory, if you will.

Oh well.


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