This is a fictionalization of my battle with the internet today.

So annoying. Oh my god, what the heck was up with this computer? the protagonist thought. She twirled her long brown hair around her left index finger. This was why she needed a new computer. Or, maybe it had nothing to do with her crappy computer and there was simply something wrong with the “network administrator/provider” whatever it was. Who the hell would ever know. Could ever know. These things all sounded the same anyway.

She pressed the buttons over and over. Username, password, username, password. “Work, goddammit!” Frustrated beyond belief, she slammed her hands against the wooden table and stood up. She walked the few inches that separated the living room from the kitchen and grabbed herself a drink from the tiny white college fridge. Nothing to eat, as usual. Snacks, it was. But what about all those vegetables lying in that drawer? Nah, save them for dinner. She was craving snacks.

The finished candy bar wrapper sat on the table as she continued working on the computer. “Oh seriously, now it works? When I’ve decided to work on something else? Great. Thanks wireless. You rock.” She groaned, maneuvered her mouse over to the little red fox symbol, and clicked.


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