So Much Time

My schedule this semester is pretty empty so far. I only have class three days a week, so that’s pretty nice and in the meantime I either have work or I just have time off to do nothing. Or to go on the computer for hours at a time. Hopefully when my third job kicks in at the writing center I will be at school tutoring rather than here on my computer wasting time. Although I do wonder if perhaps I won’t have enough time to do my homework, but I suppose I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.

Things are starting to pick up now. It’s only the second week of school but already deadlines are forming and my two most important senior year things are happening [independent study and senior thesis] so I’ve got those to worry about but in the meantime it’s nice being back in the dorms. I’m already meeting some people, those people being my roommate’s friends but that’s okay. New people are new people. And new people at work. That’s interesting too.

Getting attacked by fruit flies and gnats are fun too.


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