What Will You Gain When You Lose

Today’s title is brought to you by the Special K Cereal slogan, however, it does have a good point. The famous and popular cereal brand uses their slogan to urge their customers to buy their products for the benefit of weight loss and good health their cereal products promote. This slogan can also be applied to other parts of life.

Say, for example, that you have a friend who isn’t really a friend. This person fights you every step of the way, disagrees with you in the worst ways, fights you, hurts you, makes you miserable. Some would say these are abusive relationships. However, you don’t want to lose this friendship so you keep hanging onto it, not realizing that if you broke off the relationship you would be gaining. Without the negative impact of your so-called friend, you can feel happier. Your spirit lifted. You gain the knowledge that that was not a friendship, it was a use and be used situation.

Situation number 2. You have a bad habit holding onto things. Maybe one day you’ll need those math notes that tell you precisely how to calculate taxes. Or those confusing words you learned about in English class, the ones everyone confuses. You might need to know which one is the correct one to use in the next essay you write. Whichever it is, everyone holds onto something. Some people hold onto too much of that something. Some hold onto these things excessively, turning into pack rats. Learning to let go of things that may never be used again helps you learn to value what you have. You can practice your mind’s memory capacity. Keep things stored in your brain or learn how to use the library’s resources or something. Gain more room in your house for more important things.

You gain when you lose.


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