I have been relatively productive since the start of the school year. I’ve managed to stay on top of homework thus far, kind of. I’ve gotten in touch with my senior thesis and independent study adviser [who knew that word was spelled with an e?]. I’ve have begun rereading Never Let Me Go for said independent study and finished Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep [which I need to reread]. I’ve also become up to date on the newest manga series I started since returning from Taiwan [Nurarihyon no Mago-really good]. I also met with a career adviser who I personally thought did not help me out that much.

However, there are a ton of things I need to do to in order for my senior year to run more smoothly. I need to find a few Michael Crichton [wow I’ve been spelling that wrong all this time. haha] books for my independent study so I can learn how to better implement a utopian/dystopian world that is caused by a pandemic of sorts. I need to write my creative thesis proposal due October 3. I need to write up a syllabus for my independent study. There’s also that meeting I need to have with my adviser about all of these things. I need to look into Teach for America or Teaching Fellowships in the area and talk to friends who are in these things right now so I can decide the best path for me. I have to start writing my creative thesis!!

So many things to do and I already feel like there isn’t enough time in the world. Oh well. I better start being productive next week.


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