Today is the first day since the airplane ride to Taiwan that I have worn jeans all summer. Technically, some people say that summer ends once school begins but for some people it is still summer until September ends. Personally, once it gets cold enough to warrant wearing a jacket, summer ends or is ending.

So, why have I not been wearing jeans? Well, for one, in the summer it is too hot for jeans. Especially skinny jeans. Second, I’ve been gaining weight and those skinny jeans are just a little too tight so I was hoping to lose a little fat before I squeezed into them again. Alas, rainy weather has  foiled my plans. Of course, I could have opted for leggings or a dress with tights/stockings underneath but it is quite windy today [no go for dress] and I feel a little weird wearing leggings as pants. First of all, leggings are not pants. Let’s make that clear. Second of all [we’ve got lists within lists. Recursion?] I don’t really have any tunic shirts or shirts that are long enough to cover my butt, which is what must be covered when wearing leggings. I don’t agree with those girls who wear short shirts and leggings. No.

Thus today I wore jeans. Squeezed into them. It wasn’t too bad, so either that means these jeans were still a little stretched out from the last time I tried them on, or I haven’t gained too much weight, but I still do need to slim down a bit. [I’m sorry, two posts in a row about my weight. Taiwan does that to you.] I hope to get back to wearing dresses and skirts for a little while longer before I need to slip back into these jeans but the weather doesn’t seem to agree with me. It’s supposed to rain until Thursday.

Leaving the jeans topic for now, I’ve realized that I’ve been kind of getting behind on my blog posting. I’m sorry, to myself and to my readers. College kind of catches up with you. Last night, I was dead set on going to bed after getting back from work. But then my roommate and her friends came in and invited me to go to their place to chill and play beer pong so I figured, okay. Make some new friends. So I went and watched them play the strangest version of pong I’ve ever seen [I think they called it Beirut?] so I didn’t have a chance to update yesterday. Also, the internet is kind of shady in the apartments. I can’t figure out if it’s my computer, the internet provider, or a combination of both. Either way, sometimes I’m stuck without internet. But no more excuses. If I miss one day, I need to do two posts in a day. That’s that.

Thanks to everyone who’s stuck around. Only a few more until I reach 200 posts on this blog!! [oh no, I gave the surprise away!]


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