Absentee Ballot

Probably the most exciting thing that’s happening this year is the 2012 Presidential elections. Who will you vote for?

I have no idea. I find it difficult participating in politics because I don’t really know what’s going on. I know, that’s a bad excuse. I should just learn more, but it’s not interesting. Although I do feel that I should vote so I will. Tomorrow or this weekend I’m going to send out my application for an absentee ballot so that when election day comes I can just send it in and be done with it. Before then I have many things regarding the election that I should do. I need to learn where each candidate stands in their campaign, and I guess that kind of covers it all. Haha. Oops!

One thing I really don’t like about campaigns is all the bashing that goes on. Personally, you don’t gain votes by bashing the other person. That doesn’t make you seem any better, that just makes you seem like you’re going to the far end just to make the other person lose supporters. If you really want to gain voters you should be doing your best to promote yourself, not to unpromote your adversary [I don’t know the correct word for this]. Oh well.

I wonder if there’s a nice simple chart somewhere that tells me exactly who’s running for what and what they’ll bring to office when they are elected. Why can’t the campaigns be that simple?


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