New Boots

I bought new boots yesterday at DSW. DSW looks like an upgraded warehouse. Everything is laid out for you and everything, there’s tons of choices, but it has carpets and stuff. I bought Steve Madden mid-calf boots that zip in the back and can be folded down to lower lengths. I’m not too keen on the laces. They’re very stiff and not the nicest material but they feel like they would last a while. The boots are pretty nice material. I mean, they’re Steve Madden so I expect them to be nicer than some no name brand. The inside has nice patterned cloth on it. Also the lace up part has the nice lace clip thingy, I’m not really sure how to explain it. However, the best part is that they are comfy. I tried them on in the store and a lady told me they looked really nice [though they are a little snug and barely zip up at the top, makes me think my calves are fat] but when I tried them on at home they seemed a tad large to me but after walking around in them I think they’re perfect. I wonder if maybe a half size smaller would have been better but I think I’ll just stick with my size 7 boots. I’m really glad I bought it, though it was quite expensive and pricier than any size shoe I’ve ever bought. However, I’m hoping they’ll last me a long time so it’ll be worth it.


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