I have a problem. Not like, a drinking, drug or anything problem. I have an emotional problem. There’s nothing wrong with my emotions [okay, maybe it can be argued that there is] but I have a problem expressing my emotions. Just expressing myself, really. I have never found it easy to say things aloud, to express myself vocally. Writing things down has always been a lot easier for me. I also don’t end up in tears when I try. This even occurs when I talk to my parents. If there’s something that I want to do but my parents don’t agree with me, if I explain to them exactly why it is I will oftentimes get teary-eyed.

I need to fix this problem but I don’t know how. I feel like this is how I’m built and that I just have to deal with it but some would say that I can fix this and it’ll just take time.

So dysfunctional. Writing letters is better anyway.

[edit] This is my 200th post on this blog. Yay! [/edit]


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