I’m so bad at this

posting business. I’ve missed a day again! Ugh. What is wrong with me? I’m such a terrible procrastinator. Sorry, my posts have been kind of depressing lately. I’ve been pretty busy the past few days but that’s no excuse not to spend five minutes in posting on here. Yesterday I woke up  really early and worked the breakfast shift at the club, then came back and ate lunch and had a meeting with my advisor. He said since I hadn’t really done much work since our last meeting, this wasn’t making a good impression on him. It’s not my fault I’ve been in and out of the country. Sheesh. But whatever, he recommended some books to read and I’ve already gotten halfway through one of them. I’m going to surprise him next time we meet, which is in two weeks. I really want to make an impression and show that I’m a good worker because I am, and that I’m smart and can do this. I need to make up for all the lost time since this whole year started [I mean in January.]


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