Soup Days

It rained today and I was totally not expecting it. I left the house early this morning. It was cloudy but didn’t look like it would rain. Then when I was tutoring during third and fourth period I heard it was raining. So, when I left to go to my class fifth period it was still raining. Since all I had was my leather jacket and no hood, I took a newspaper from the newspaper stand and held it above my head while I walked to class. It worked. Thankfully it wasn’t pouring. However, along the way, I wished there were Rent-an-Umbrella stands, similar to the rent a bike stands. People can rent umbrellas when it rains! I also wished that those people who sell stuff in the street in Italy were here. I would gladly hear them say “brella brella?” and buy one from them, except for the fact that I bought an umbrella the other day because it was raining and I hadn’t brought my own. So now I have two. I just have to constantly keep one in my bag for the future months.

I made lentil soup today with brown lentils, some sausage my roommate had, an onion, garlic, and frozen green beans. It was delicious.


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