In a time when I am looking for relaxation among all the craziness of job searching and graduation, Sudoku is a great relief. And find. I have a terrible habit of discovering things to do when I can be doing more productive things [such as looking for jobs, or doing homework]. Most of the time I read manga. Terrible, I know. It is bringing about the downfall of my creativity.

Enter Sudoku. [Did you know it is capitalized?] I decided to try my hand at Sudoku sometime last week. Thankfully the version in the school newspaper was set to Easy, but I still didn’t manage to complete it. However, due to that attempt, I wanted to try again. So I did. I found an easy version and managed to complete it. Painstakingly. And then I did another one. And another. And then got hooked [on phonix. Who remember that?] Anyway, I’ve been doing Sudoku pretty much every day. I’m hoping that by working my mind every day in such a logical activity that my brain will stop decomposing and will rejuvenate a little. I can’t see any results yet, except that I’m finding more ways to solve Sudoku [and by more ways, I mean one more way].

I am currently on the medium level. I want to be able to solve a Medium level relatively well without any trouble before I move onto Hard. The website I use is called WebSudoku so it’s pretty convenient. And if you print out the ebook, there are other versions too! With letters! Crazy. But I’m not at that level yet so I’m going to stick to normal numbers and stuff. I hope this doesn’t just end up being a phase. I think I might even go out to Barnes and Noble or something and buy a book of Sudoku. That should appease me for a while.

Good night. Happy dreaming.


1 Response to “Sudoku-land”

  1. 1 sirosoup March 8, 2013 at 12:53 pm

    And then you can try Samurai Sudoku next.

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