Road Safety

This year seems to be the year of the road for me, and I’m not sure why. I have seen so many quirky events and drivers in comparison to the past. Let’s recap the most memorable:

During my spring break, my parents and I went to visit my sister down in D.C. We had just gotten onto the parkway when we saw the cop car. Its lights were flashing and it drove a few rows in front of us, zig zagging between the three lanes. Yes, you read that correctly. Zig zagging. I do not embellish. We went down a good 3-5 miles down the parkway at 35 mph. Do you know how slow that is? Incredibly. I sat back and relaxed, knowing it would take a while. And then, another cop car joins him. Actually, this cop car was stopping traffic from an offloading ramp [is that the correct term?] and when our cop car drove past, he followed. So now we had two cop cars, lights shining, driving down the parkway at 35 mph. Everyone stayed a good distance behind them and crawled. Then at the next turn off, which happened to be a rest stop, the two cop cars turned off and we were left with miles of empty parkway in front of us. Have you ever seen an empty parkway? It is amazing.

We were going back down to D.C. again to pick up my sister this time. I believe we were on the 495 or something, but either way, the north bound lane had zero traffic. And then all of a sudden, motorcycles. Hundreds of them. They went by one after another in a long line. But of course, first it was police, with their lights on [motorcycle policemen], American flags waving in the wind. After them came the long line of motorcyclists. It didn’t end. Exit ramps [onto the road] were stopped by police cars. How crazy is that! And then at the end of the pack came the ambulances and there was also a truck pulling one of those crates on wheels. Pretty awesome. The line was definitely a couple miles long.

Two instances today I saw crazy things. First was right when I was about to turn onto Rt. 9. There’s a small jug handle right before the light. Since there was a bit of a gap between me and the light, a couple cars pulled out of the jug handle and tried to make the green light. They failed. BUT it doesn’t end there. These two cars had left the jug handle driving side by side. This of course means that when they are forces to stop, they are still next to each other. One is a truck, and the other is a small SUV. The SUV is right in front of me, next to the yellow line. The truck, is in front of the SUV, but on the other side of the yellow line. In the line of traffic. WHAT? How did that even happen? I watched it happen with my own eyes and I still couldn’t believe it. What was the driver thinking? The SUV backed up to allow the truck room to back into the right lane. I don’t know what happened after that. The truck started to, then must have decided not to because he stayed right where he was. And when the light turned green, he drove right from where he was, crossed two lanes when turning left and made a beeline for the gas station across the intersection. Weird.
The second instance happened at another jug handle. Of course. New Jersey and her jug handles. Gotta love’em. Anywho, I was in the right most lane because I had to take the jug handle in order to get to my destination. There was a minivan in front of me also taking the jug handle so I didn’t see the car until the minivan had already turned slightly to enter the jug handle. There was a car, on the left most side [from my perspective] of the jug handle, facing me. In other words, GOING THE WRONG WAY IN THE JUG HANDLE. It wasn’t as if he had backed up and driven into the jug handle and was turned slightly. This car was completely facing me, inching closer to the white lines and trying to go back into traffic. As I made the jug handle the only thought in my head was “How did you even drive the wrong way down a jug handle??”

So that’s my experience with drivers this year. That I can think of. There are probably more but these definitely merit a blog post.


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