Summer Bummer

I have a confession to make.

When I was younger and I was still in school, the reason I looked forward to the summer was that I didn’t have to go to school. That meant watching all the TV I wanted, eating all that I wanted [especially ice cream because it’s the summer!], and not having to wake up at 6 am. Of course, it also meant I could hang out with my friends during the week, and no Chinese School on Saturday. Summer was a no school zone and I was a complete fan. But I don’t think I liked summer itself. It was too hot and filled with bugs [that fly, the worst kind]. So around the time late August rolled around I was tired of summer and wanted to get back to school. I was am such a nerd. So I guess, yes, I was happy to see summer go and welcomed autumn with open arms.

But now, after going to college, and meeting the person who is most in love with summer and the beach, I think I’ve also fallen in like with summer. I’ve found these past couple years that I am actually looking forward to summer for what it is: warm weather, soft sand, sun, and cute clothes. Am I growing up? Maybe. But I like to think that I’ve simply learned a new perspective to this season that I previously, as a dorky teenager, didn’t really care much about. Although, I still don’t really care much for the bugs.

So here’s to summer! May you always be filled with sunshine, summer rain, long daylight hours, and long drives with the windows open.

[The title of this post bears no relevance to my feelings towards summer, only that it rhymed. Please comment with other words that rhyme with summer.]


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