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Sounds I Have Heard Today

birds chirping
a lawn mower starting up
city noises
wind whistling
people walking
trucks humming
car stereos

It looks like spring is settling in.


Hurricane Poems

think of all the people you used to know
where have they gone to
what are they getting up to
now that you are not together
haven’t heard from them in months
years have gone by and you still
are stuck where they left you
learning what you did wrong
if you did anything wrong
but you never did learn
how to move on

What is Creativity

What is creativity but the mind’s eye projected onto the world
turning a white canvas into a many colored painting

linking letters together to form words, sewing them together to form sentences

which are mashed up and made into paragraphs

but a few ingredients turned into a master recipe

a delicious ending you can see

in the happy lights illuminated in the cornea

the straight white teeth showing beneath red stained lips

perfected by years of science someone else created

centuries before you were even conceived

that is creativity.


Only once in your life do you fall in love, they say, but I don’t believe it because I fall in love with everything, from those shoes in the window to the kitten in that tree, everything is lovely and I love it all because I love life.

Nobody can tell me that love can only belong to one because who says what goes everyone is different I can only know what is good for me.

Emotions are for the weak if they let them consume but for the strong we control what we feel and if I feel like it I will love forever.


Is this the fatigue of going back to school seeping into my bonesor the long work days ahead of me being prepared
seeping into my body so I will constantly be weary.

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