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Birds go Tweet

I finally did it. I made a Twitter account. Why? Because I signed up for Blog for Books and if you have a Twitter account you can link it to Klout [still not sure what it is] and get a wider variety of books available for reviewing and requesting. 

Isn’t it evil how all these social networks are interconnected? I guess it’s nice and all, everything is in one place and I don’t have to worry about forgetting to update one and not the other, but sometimes I like my privacy. But, they got me. I will do anything for books. Free books! I mean, who doesn’t like free things? 

Twitter’s been around for years now, so why did it take me so long to board the bandwagon? I guess I just didn’t see the point in it. My view on it, and still is in a way because I am still very new to it, is that Twitter is an over-glorified Facebook status update. Except with hashtags. Except now Facebook has hashtags [that happened last year, right?] So I suppose Twitter is just a way for people to learn the minute-by-minute thoughts of people and corporations without being bogged down by all the excess stuff that might be found on, say, Facebook or their website. 

Did I get that right?

And in the past twenty four hours since I created the account [less, because I made it last night and it’s only the afternoon right now] I have posted seven times, by Twitter’s count. It’s like I’m back in my high school days where I posted nonstop status updates the moment I got home from school [ in school, too, sometimes, because those internet blockers never really work]. Am I doing this Twitter thing right?

Since I created the account for Blog for Books, I intended to keep the information I post generally in that area too. I wonder how long that’s going to last. I think that’s a main problem with social media. We are all humans and have multi-faceted interests, that it’s hard to keep our thoughts geared towards one area. Just take a look at what’s written on blogs, for instance. My own blog I’ve written about school, travel, writing, food, and Chinese holidays. The more you want to keep subjects narrowed, the more channels you need, and thus more accounts. 

Social media wins. 

I guess I’ll just see what happens. What can go wrong?


Here’s my obligatory “Check out my Twitter” : @kathissimo Follow me!

Side note: My book from Blog for Books arrives in 10-14 days so expect a book review once I finish reading!


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